Heavy Equipment In The Kitchen

There are many types of heavy equipment in a kitchen. Generally, equipment is used for multipurpose, but there is one type for every task. All these things are essential to ensure a safe and healthy kitchen. They should be easy to clean and use.

The most used heavy equipment in the kitchen includes the range, oven, and hood. A gas range is ideal for baking and cooking bread, while an electric range can be used for preparing meats and vegetables. On the other hand, a knife is a flexible, cup-shaped half-sphere with a sharp edge. 

A knife is the best tool to use in a restaurant because it makes it easy to spread icing on cakes and spread butter on baked goods. As the name suggests, a steam table is also a perfect appliance to keep hot food warm during service. By using a steam table, food can be kept warm for hours and without losing its quality.

Most Commonly Used Heavy Equipment In The Kitchen

Below we will talk about some necessary equipment that is must need for a kitchen. Hopefully, you will get some knowledge about these items.

Food Shredder

Food shredders are another useful piece of equipment in the kitchen. These machines are a must for any kitchen. A food shredder has several functions. These devices can cut fruits and vegetables into string-like pieces, removing seeds and hard nuts from fruits. A food shredder can be used to chop ingredients.

Kitchen Knife

A kitchen knife is very useful for cutting and filleting. It is also necessary for slicing and dicing meats, and essential for preparing bread. For instance, a chef can use a knife to spread icing on a cake or use it for mixing up a large bowl. In addition to knives, there are other types of tools in a kitchen.


A slicer is a useful tool for slicing a piece of meat. It is also useful to slice cheese and other foods. The slicer works great for anything you want to cut ultra-thin, sometimes much better than a kitchen knife. This equipment is incredibly useful in a restaurant’s kitchen. They are used to make food more palatable.


Refrigerators and freezers are so essential for keeping the ingredients fresh in the kitchen. A refrigerator or freezer provides an efficient way to store and prepare food sometimes. These appliances are designed to withstand heavy loads.

Point of Sale Machine

The “Point of Sale” system is another important piece of kitchen equipment. This device allows the waitstaff to input orders and communicates with the kitchen data system. Besides, it can interface with the cash register to track customer orders and payments.

Other Tools

Some kitchen tools are multipurpose, while others are not.  They help in the kitchen to work more efficiently. Many tools are categorized into hand tools and power-driven ones. These include a food processor and a blender. Other types of equipment in the kitchen are the ice cream maker and the mixer. A chef can also use a mixer to mix sauces.

Importance of Kitchen Layout

The layout of the kitchen is important for placing the equipment. A well-designed kitchen should allow for an efficient work triangle. The layout includes cooking areas and storage. The selection of equipment in a kitchen should be done carefully. The chefs should inspect the appliances often to ensure they work properly.

Final Words

You cannot ignore the importance of heavy equipment in a kitchen. Without these things, you can’t prepare your food properly. After using the equipment of a kitchen, they need to clean or washed completely. Otherwise, they would lose their working capability. If you have any issues with the kitchen appliances or want to renovate your kitchen, just call Right-Away Construction Corp to do the task.

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