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It’s very hard to find a fully-reputable roofer in Queens, New York City, which is why we are proud to be one of just a few companies that can offer you decades worth of experience as well as a lifetime warranty against most contracting issues.

Prime Roofing Contractors of Queens New York

We offer affordable and prompt service to residential customers in the Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Astoria Queens area and more. We are dedicated to helping homeowners and property managers keep their homes in peak condition by offering reliable repairs, preventative maintenance and replacements for various issues including roofing. We help you accomplish what needs to be done quickly and efficiently using materials which are high quality and industry standard practices.

When Should You Hire a Roofing Contractors?

Homeowners in the United States sometimes take their homes for granted. After all, maintaining a home is a lot of work. And unfortunately for some homeowners, this means that problems with their home can begin to pile up slowly until one day they realize their home needs extensive repairs.

A home can be a purchase, and the roof is a significant component of the investment. Understanding the indicators to look out for and addressing problems as they arise is the best way to safeguard yourself from harm and stop a small issue from becoming an expensive one.. A few things to be aware of regarding your roof’s condition include:

Causes damages typical to your roof may be buckled, curled, or corrugated roofing shingles, missing shingles or discoloration of granules; leaks, and much more… The presence of mildew and mold in your attic could be the result of roof problems also.

Extreme Weather is among the most common reasons for roof damage. When a storm hits, check for leaks and missing shingles on your roof. It’s possible that you don’t be aware of it initially, but you ought to have noticed it even if it was not there prior. Even if you’re not noticing anything, it’s recommended to arrange an inspection with an experienced roofer who will examine for indications of damage that isn’t obvious.

Age Life expectancy of a roof is between 20 and 25 years. That lifespan can be extended with diligent care, however. If you’re unsure of the last time your roof was checked, call Brothers Aluminum. We can assist you in identifying minor issues before they become apparent and create an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your home is operating optimally for the future.

Five must things to know before hiring roof Contractors:


Hiring a local, reliable roofer makes sense unless you, someone who started his/her own business in a new area, are operating your business as an independent franchise. You’re not expected to know everything related to roofing because it just isn’t feasible. Employ a pleasant roofer who is helpful and will do all the work you require.


There are many contractors locally who will be sure to offer you the best roofing. But one should always make sure that they hire a good local contractor and not a random handyman who has poor training in the area of roofing.

One should also make sure that it is the right time to have this done because some stores may only have day workers and not even overnight workers and most contractors usually have to take around 6 evenings at least, if they do themselves so therefore one can save on some costs in this situation also.


Residential roofing is inherently dangerous. Regardless of the slope, roofs are equipped with various kinds of shingles, which tend to get extremely slippery and can result in individuals from falling off them to their deaths. And although it might seem advisable for a homeowner to go up onto his or her roof themselves, that’s generally a bad idea. This would be most unwise because they’d then be susceptible to being struck by lightning when they’re wandering around on that terrain!


When you’re selecting a contractor, be sure to go with someone who is reliable and can stand by your side. Local businesses focus on the community and will try to get you anything you need right away to bring your house back to its former condition. When everything functioned properly, the team will save you money by completing small tasks into maintain the longevity of your home.


When it comes to any type of repair work on your home, you want to make sure that the job is done the right way. Roofing contractors that have been in business for many years and specialize in residential roofing can be a good source when looking for professional help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

If you are thinking about replacing your roof entirely because of an intense storm or other damage has occurred, consider working with only professionals who will provide high-quality materials so that your new roof lasts for as long as possible.

Emergency Roofing Repair services Queens Contractor

As commercial & residential roofing contractor queens, we know that it can be hard to swallow when you realize your roof is past its prime. If water is leaking anywhere, you should consider getting it checked out immediately.

You can also help stop leaks from happening in the first place by making sure you keep gutters cleared of any debris before they cause problems. Don’t feel bad if you want to wait a little while longer until the next time the roof needs repairs; it’s no easy task to negotiate the sealing up of holes and if left untended, these may just cause more dripping in later years!

In Queens, it’s hard to avoid rain. Our residential roofing systems installed by Queens Roofing contractors will present larger problems in the future if not maintained frequently, and that is why we highly recommend our customers call us immediately when they experience any signs of trouble.

Pails on the floor might save water on rainy days, but every time water leaks through the roof it becomes more dangerous as the damage accumulates, leading to much more expensive repairs down the road.

Roofing Contractors Queens Repair & Installation

When it comes to roofing repairs and replacements, it’s important to be aware of what the weather has been doing at the time of the issue so that you can choose a maintenance strategy that is both cost-effective and not too inconvenient for homeowners.

Certain materials are more susceptible to damage during the colder or warmer months of the year. This means that during these months, it may be better to do repairs sooner rather than later as water damage is a major culprit when it comes to certain issues with shingle roofs in particular.

The same goes for summer months, when roofs made from certain materials may need restoration work more quickly due to UV rays and extreme heat, so in order for your clients not to lose any headroom space in their homes, make sure you take the necessary steps using products like enclosed attic access systems because having them up on ladders can be quite dangerous!

Certain roofing materials are more susceptible to being damaged during colder winter months. One of those roofing systems happens to be asphalt shingles.

The reason is that certain elements in their construction aren’t as robust to freezing water, snow, ice, or hail as other types of systems which don’t have the same components.

If you’re a business that requires roofing assistance in Queens and surrounding areas, contact immediately for construction. When it comes to roofing, minor problems can quickly become emergencies with no care.

Our company is ready to assist you in your quest for success with professional services that can help resolve any residential and commercial roofing problem promptly and efficiently. If you’re in need of roofing repair or replacement for your home and reside in Queens contact us now!

Roofing Service in Queens County, New York

Working with a roofing company in Queens can be challenging. However, when you take the time to seek out reliable team members who are proud of their work, they will surpass all of your expectations. For example, if you’re going to repair damaged asphalt roofing shingles, it’s important to make sure that you choose experts with the finest materials available.

In the past there have been cases where companies with inferior or cheap products have presented them as being of high quality! Furthermore, working with standard roofing company in queens NY is not enough – our most loyal customers have come to expect truly top-rate service from us and we always deliver! This is why we emphasize building strong relationships and earning customer trust so that we can build long-term success for everyone involved.

Do you need a reliable roof repair company in Queens?

Property owners throughout New York rely on the contractors at Right Away Construction Corp to handle all types of residential and commercial roofing systems, so residents can have peace of mind knowing that their roofs are being handled by real experts.

Property owners assume that when they have their roof installed with brand new materials, it will last forever. However, maintaining your roof properly is crucial to keep your roof in good condition regardless of whether it has been installed recently.


How long can you expect your roof to last with a new roof installed by our team?

Roofs come in two main forms, metal and asphalt shingle. The average lifespan of a metal roof lies between 30-70 years, whereas asphalt shingle roofs tend to last somewhere around 20-30 years.

Is it time for me to be applying a new roof over the existing one on my house?

If you have a roof that is older twenty-years-old, then it may be time to consider a new roof. You can usually tell when you begin to notice the following changes: missing shingles, leaks, mold or internal water damage.

My roof looks pretty awful, What’s the estimated time to get it replaced?

It’s all dependent on the dimensions and the type of structure. Most of the time the span of a day is enough to repair the roof on a residential house. For commercial buildings, the process can take longer because there are more roofs to fix and they’re generally located on higher floors giving them more distance from ground level.

Our team will do our best to streamline everything as quickly as possible while still being attentive to your needs!

My roof looks discolored and faded. Is that caused by the sun?

More than likely if you are seeing faded or discolored shingles, it can be caused by mold, fungus, or algae. You can expect this to happen when you live in a humid climate.


Whether we work on residential or commercial roofing projects, we know that no two roofs are the same. When you do a thorough evaluation of your needs and requirements, whether it includes aesthetics or long-term durability, you’ll find that every roof has its own set of challenges and roofing designs which need to be considered. For more details contact us now!